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In the early 1960’s Matt and Eileen moved to Little Town with just seven cows and four kids.



By the 1970’s the family had built a local milk round, delivering their own bottled milk to local restaurants and doorsteps.


The milk quoters were introduced in 1984, urging an ambitious Eileen to find better ways to utilize the milk, and so with the help of a quick course at Reece health. Eileen and her family started producing yogurt.


Eileen’s yogurts were becoming more popular so in 1993 a new dairy was built and the team started to diversify their range of products into soured cream and crème fraiche.


In 2004 Matt, Eileen and Julie (Matt and Eileen’s Daughter) opened the Farm Shop selling a small range of local products, our home reared Aberdeen Angus Beef, local lamb and Olde Spot Pork. In 2006 the Farm (Matt, Eileen and Mick) also diversified to using Automated Milking Machines for milking the herd of 120 Holstein Friesian cows. Becoming one of the first farms in the country to successfully milk a herd through this system.


2012 brought about the addition of the Small Tea room and pergola which only seated a handful of people but soon proved to be very popular offering quality meals cooked fresh to order.

Michelle (Eileen & Matts oldest Daughter) joined the team with So plants in 2017. This presented the customers with a country plant store with experience and guidance to the best way to look after their garden

In 2019 the farm sought out to further improve the welfare of the cows thought the introduction of new state of the art Lely hoover scrapers and exchanging the now four tired automated milking machines to four new Lely milking machines helping to identify any potential issues before they affected the cows health

As with all businesses in 2019 the farm shop had to change its ways to enable the business to survive. We added our delivery service, making orders up through the night and driving round to local villages taking food to those vulnerable and isolating. The last addition for the 10’s was the new animal feed shed. We put this up to ensure that we could keep up with the demand for dry logs, coal and increased small holders supplies.


After all the farm shop, farm and building team working tirelessly throughout covid the newly refurbished shop and tea room opened in 2021 providing customers with ample space to enjoy home cooked food and additional seating upstairs for overflow on the rainy days.

Dedicated Farm Shop Lancashire

Here at Little Town Farm Shop we pride ourselves on being a True Farm Shop. What do we mean by this? …We are a small family run shop built on the family farm using and selling our own home bred meats and dairy products from the farm. We do this so we can ensure the products we are most proud of such as the Aberdeen Angus Beef are of the highest quality and reared with health and welfare at heart. We are always looking to work with the family farm to achieve consistent quality and also diversify to keep up with consumer demand.

We try our upmost to make as many products that we sell as we can ourselves in the shop using traditional methods. Some of which include various flavours of Pork Sausage, Convenience Meals, Meat Pies, Hearty Soups and cakes.

For those products that we just don’t have the time or space to produce we use the most local and family run businesses as possible.

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Community Focused

We try to ensure that we use local family firms for the supply of fresh products and other sundries used and sold in the farm shop and café. Below is a selection of our local suppliers, click for more info.

We offer to deliver out larger food orders and heating supplies to local residents who are unable to collect for themselves. Should you need any more information on this please feel free to Contact Us.


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For further information on our products, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01772 786198.